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Qasida on the Attack in Seiyun


Damage to the Seiyun Post Office

Late last night extremists affiliated with al-Qa’ida attacked military, security and government buildings in Seiyun, the second largest town in the Hadramawt. Here is a poem written about the event by the poet Abdullah Mubarak al-Ja‘idi, courtesy of Dr. Muhammad Gerhoum

قصيده هذاالمساء عن سيون الحبيبة
للشاعرعبدالله مبارك الجعيدي:

ياأهل سيئون قلبي في هواكـم مولّــع
ريت لـي جنبكـم لا غــدر الليـل مهجــع
فيه قضّي ولو ساعة من العمــر أو دون
حبكم حل في الوجدان لا ياأهل سيئون

الطويلـــة غدت للمجـد مصــدر ومرجــع
والتقــى والنقــاء مــن حلّهـا بـه يطبّـع
وأهلــها كـل مانــادى المنــادي يلبّــون
حبكم حل في الوجدان لا ياأهل سيئون

لـو علـي وجهـوا حتـى ثلاثيـن مدفـــــع
نـــور عينـي . بقلبـي عشقها ماتزعــزع
ارتباطـي بهـا مثـل الصّبـي داخل النــون
حبكم حل في الوجدان لا ياأهل سيئون

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Carapico on Yemen

[AIYS board member and former president Sheila Carapico published a commentary on Mouftah about the ongoing political crisis in Yemen.]

Of Transitology and Counter-Terror Targeting in Yemen

by Sheila Carapico, Mouftah, April 22

Far from the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, tucked at the underside of the Arabian Peninsula where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean, Yemen is at the periphery of Middle East studies and beyond the attention span of mainstream American media. It is a counter-terror target.

It is as if this country of some 25 million citizens is not a real place, as much as it is an outer space or a basket case. According to various journalistic tropes, Yemen is a ‘terrorist haven,’ the ‘ancestral homeland of Usama Bin Ladin,’ an untamed frontier where presumably the only choice for the United States is to shoot first and ask questions later.

To the extent there is conventional wisdom on Yemen, it presents the country as host to all manner of problems. It is the poorest and most poverty-stricken Arab country, with the youngest population. The capital city and other metropolitan areas have soaked up all the fresh water. There is an openly irredentist popular movement in what used to be the People’s Democratic Republic of (South) Yemen, and an obscure but persistent rebellion near the Saudi frontier by a group known as the Huthis who the Saudis say are backed by Iran. Yemen is also a sanctuary for a terrorist entity called al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula, often abbreviated as AQAP, the target of American drone strikes that occasionally kill hapless civilians. Tribesmen blow up oil installations, block roads, and occasionally take hostages. Most of the remaining detainees at Guantanamo Prison come from Yemen, but even after being cleared for release US authorities are reluctant to repatriate them to their home country.

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