Yemen is well represented in cyberspace.  Here are some links on various aspects of Yemeni history and culture.  If you come across relevant new websites or youtube videos, please send them to the webshaykh at

General Background on Yemen

• Yemen: Al-Bab (Brian Whitaker)

• Yemen: The  World Factbook


• Medieval Agricultural Texts from Rasulid Yemen (Varisco)

• The 18th Century Yemeni Almanac of Yūsuf al-Maḥallī (Varisco)

Arabic Dictionaries

• Searchable Lisân al-‘Arab and four other Arabic lexicons

• Word Reference (Arabic-English and English-Arabic)

Archaeology and Antiquities

• Archaeological Projects in Yemen (AIYS listing)

• Archaeology in Yemen (CEFAS listing)

• Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

• Land of Frankincense Archeological Project

• The late prehistoric standing stones of the Tihâma (Yemen): the domestication of space and the construction of human-landscape identity (Lamya Khalidi)

• Yemen: World Archeology Magazine


• The Folklore of Tihama

• The Rich History of Theater in Yemen (Katherine Hennesey)

Food and Drink

• Yemen Kitchen


• The Birth of Modern Yemen (Brian Whitaker) e-book

• A History of Modern Yemen (Paul Dresch) online pdf

• Yemen Profile: BBC (Timeline from 1500 to present)


• Arabian Humanities. International Journal of Archaeology and Social Sciences in the Arabian Peninsula

• The British-Yemeni Society Journal

• Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée (Yemen issue in 2008)

Music and Dance

• Anthropology of Dance (Najwa Adra)

Newspapers and News Sources

For a master list of Yemeni newspapers, go to

• صهافة نت

• الثورة

• Yemen News Agency (SABA) (English) (Arabic)

• Yemen Online (English)

• يمن بورتال نت

Yemen Post (English)

• يمن برس

Yemen Times (English)


• ‘Abd Allāh al-Baraddūnī official website (Arabic)

• Mahri Poetry Archive


•امثال حضرمية

Research Centers

• Centre Français d’Archéologie et de Sciences Sociales de Sanaa

• Deutsch-Jemenitischen Gesellschaft

•Österreichisch-jemenitische Gesellschaft

South Arabic

South Arabic Script

Water Issue

• Water in Yemen: Changing Views on a Changing Natural Resource (Jac van der Gun)


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