Qat banned in China

Forget about being banned in Boston (which the Yemeni stimulant qat (Catha edulis) already is), since now it is illegal to possess, circulate or chew qat in China.  According to a report in Yemen Press, it seems that the Chinese authorities have been cracking down on Yemenis bringing qat with them at the major airports.  This has forced the Yemen Embassy in China to issue a letter to its citizens warning them about the ban.  It appears that China is following the lead of Britain, which banned qat in Britain despite the fact that the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) concluded there was no evidence that chewing the fresh leaves was harmful.

As is found elsewhere, the fresh leaves of Catha edulis are mislabeled as a “drug” or “narcotic” , as on this website for a drug-free China.  There is a market for qat in China, as shown in this youtube video, although ironically it is Ethiopian qat that is being imported.