AIYS in Japan and Qatar


AIYS President Dan Varisco visited Japan last week and gave three talks on the current crisis in Yemen.  The first was at the Institute for Developing Economies in Tokyo on June 3, the second at Tokyo University’s Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia on June 4 and the third was at the Institute for Energy Economics on June 8. While in Tokyo President Varisco met a number of Japanese scholars who work on Yemen thanks to the efforts of Dr. Hiroshi Sato Kan.

On his return to Doha, he gave a similar presentation at a Gulf Studies Center program at Qatar University on the situation in Yemen on June 11.  The goal of all the talks was to provide the context for the current conflict and draw attention to the massive humanitarian crisis resulting from the recent bombing and internal fighting.  As Ramadhan approaches, we all wish a speedy and decisive diplomatic resolution to the ongoing conflict.

President Varisco is Research Professor and Coordinator of Social Science Research at the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Qatar University.