Honoring the new Minister of Culture


AIYS honored the Minister and Undersecretary Minister of Culture in recognition of their significant contribution to preserving the Yemeni cultural heritage and folklore.  A large number of academics, scholars, government officials and activists attended the ceremonial function held at the AIYS premises on Tuesday, January 13, 2015. The deputy Minister of Culture Hodda Ablan also attended, as did the cultural attaché in the Egyptian embassy in Sana’a, Mr Mostafa al-Sheikh.

Dr. Salwa Dammaj, the Director of the AIYS, praised the Minister of Culture Arwa Othman and Undersecretary of the Ministry Dr. Amat Al-Malik Al-Thawr for their contribution to the preservation of Yemeni cultural heritage and folklore. She said “the two ladies had played key role in preserving significant portion of Yemen’s cultural heritage and folklore”. Dr. Dammaj went on saying: “Mrs Othman has worked hard and contributed effectively toward preserving a significant part of the Yemeni folklore. She established the House of Folklore, collected a great deal of folklore articles and organized exhibitions and carnivals to celebrate Yemeni traditional habits and customs. Similarly Dr. Al-Thawr has made substantial contributions to preserving Yemen’s cultural heritage. She has worked devotedly to preserve Yemen’s manuscripts. As a Director of the House of Manuscripts, she helped in restoring and maintaining hundreds of rare manuscripts”.

“Recognizing their leading role in serving Yemeni culture and folklore, AIYS is pleased to honor Mrs Arwa Othman and Dr. Amat Al-Malik Al-Thawr,” Dr. Dammaj said.

A famous Yemeni poet Ameen Al-Mashriqi recited a folk poem applauded by the audience. Dr. Al-Thawr  expressed her pleasure to be honored by AIYS, and deeply appreciated this gesture. For her part, the Minister made a short comment, expressing thanks to AIYS for the important efforts it has made to support Yemeni cultural projects, research and studies​.  A number of the attendees asked the Minister of Culture about her Ministry’s plan and programs. The Minister answered the questions raised and briefed the audience on the Ministry’s policy and difficulties.