Yemen Exchange in Beirut

April 12-16, 2017
Application Deadline I March 15/Deadline II April 1, 2017
35 slots only/Rolling acceptanceThe First Yemen Exchange (convened in Beirut, Lebanon) is co-hosted by the Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS) and During the five day program, participants from around the world will listen and engage Yemeni politicians, civil society figures and analysts in order to provide direct and intensive insight into Yemen, from several differing perspectives. As such, the Exchange is a fundamental part of SCSS’s attempt to increase the content, space and conversations on Yemen with the hope that increased dialogue and understanding will ultimately help to create the conditions for sustainable peace-building. The five day Yemen Exchange rests on two tracks:

Professional & Academic – Participants will attend a series of lectures led by prominent academics, analysts and activists from Yemen and the wider region. Themes will include, among others:

– The factors that spurred Yemen’s 2011 Arab Spring-inspired uprising;
– The underlying issues that doomed the internationally backed transition;
– The root causes of the rise of Yemen’s Houthi rebels;
– The diverse regional factors that increasingly drive Yemen’s conflict(s);
– The economic roots of unrest in Yemen;
– The role of regional actors in Yemen’s ongoing conflict(s);
– The rise of newly empowered actors in the ongoing civil war;
– The dynamics and shifts of Yemeni partisan politics in relation to armed groups;
– The humanitarian fallout from the war;
– The role of the media and civil society organizations;
– Youth politics and activism;
– The role played by women and the work done by Yemeni female activists.

Dialogue with Leaders – Participants will have the opportunity to meet, listen and engage leading social, political and economic actors from across the spectrum in Yemen.

NOTE: Accepted applicants will receive the full list of confirmed speakers one month prior to the opening of the Exchange, as well as readings pertinent to the sessions.

– Farea Muslimi, Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies/Middle East Institute
– Adam Baron, European Council on Foreign Relations
– Mustafa Noman, Writer/Former Diplomat
– Abdulghani al-Iryani, Independent Analyst
– Maged al-Madhaji, Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies
– Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Middle East Center
– Ahmed Luqman, Director General of The Arab Labor Organization & Former Minister
– Ali Ashal, MP Al-Islah Party
– Bushra al-Maqtari, Yemeni Socialist Party
– Abdulrahman al-Saqqaf, Secretary General of the Yemeni Socialist Party
– Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, The General Peoples Congress Party/Frm. Minister of Foreign Affairs
– Abdullah Noman, Secretary General of the Yemeni Nasserist Party
– Khaldoun Bakuhail, Independent Politican
– Hussein al-Awadhi, Former Governor of al-Jawf and Tribal Leader
– Mansour Rageh, Central Bank of Yemen
– Jamila Ali Raja, Former Diplomat and Member of the National Dialogue Conference
– Wameedh Shakr, Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies
– Ghaida Al-Rashidi, Southern Activist

– The Houthis
– The Justice and Building Party

Program Format:
The Yemen Exchange will be held over the five days at the conference room of Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Beirut, from 9am until 6pm. In order to promote small group dynamics, the number of participants will be capped at 35. Sessions themselves will be conducted on an individual rather than a panel basis for all speakers and will allow ample opportunity for question time (translation into English will be provided when necessary). All sessions will also be held under strict Chatham House rules, although we customarily work with our speakers to approve any quotes/references that participants may need for their own work.Costs:
Participation Fee – $1,200; Reductions are available for alumni of our previous programs and those participants who register for more than one Exchange.Accommodation – $115 for a single room per night at the five star Crowne Plaza Hotel under our group booking (breakfast, taxes and airport pickup are included). Shared rooms are also available (we will arrange for sharing with other participants) and are priced at $60 per participant.

Airfare – $500, approximate from the European Union.